Q: What is Olyx? A: Olyx is cryptocurrency trading platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. It features an AI bot named Jarvis that helps traders make informed investment decisions, and it also has a crowdfunding trade component that allows investors to contribute funds to cryptocurrency trading vaults managed by individual traders.

Q: What is the cross-chain bridge on Olyx? A: The cross-chain bridge on Olyx is a system that allows users to transfer their cryptocurrency assets between the Olyx platform and other blockchain networks. This can be useful for users who want to access a wider range of cryptocurrency assets or take advantage of different features or protocols on different blockchains.

Q: How does governance work on Olyx? A: On Olyx, governance is accomplished through the use of smart contracts and a decentralized voting system. Users of the platform can propose changes to the platform's protocol or policies by creating a governance proposal and submitting it for vote. Other users can then review the proposal and cast their votes using their staked Jarvis NFTs. The more NFTs a user has staked, the more influence their vote will have. Once a proposal has received a sufficient number of votes, it will be implemented or rejected based on the outcome of the vote.

Q:How will the crowdfunding-trade be executed? A:The trader creates a trading vault and sets its parameters. The trader promotes the trading vault to potential investors. Investors contribute funds to the trading vault. The trader executes the trade using the funds in the vault. The trader continues to manage the trading vault and report on its performance.

Q:What happens when an investor makes investment in a crowdfunding vault? A:The investor contributes funds to the trading vault. The trader uses the funds in the vault to execute trades, with the goal of generating profits for the investors. The trader continues to manage the vault, executing additional trades as needed and reporting on its performance.

Q:What are the requirements for being a trading vault publishers? A:To become a trading vault publisher on the Olyx platform, an individual trader is required to hold a certain amount of tokens and have a maximum vault capacity that decreases as their reputation on the platform grows. This approach is intended to align the interests of the trader and the investors and encourage the trader to continue to perform well.

Q:What is the trading tax and slippage of $OLYX? A: Buying/Selling Tax is X%/X%. It is recommended to use X% slippage if using PancakeSwap.

Q:Who is behind the Olyx project? A:The Olyx project is led experienced programmers, marketing professionals, and researchers with at least four years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. This team brings a range of skills and expertise to the project, positioning it for success in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market.

Q:Marketing plan after launch? A:- CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

  • Buying & Meme Contest

  • Build a strong brand identity: Develop a clear and consistent brand message and visual identity that reflects the values and unique selling points of the Olyx platform.

  • Engage with the community: Build relationships with the platform's users and other stakeholders by engaging with them on social media, forums, and other online communities.

  • Partner with influencers and other platforms: Partner with influencers, media outlets, and other platforms to reach new audiences and gain exposure.

  • Use paid advertising: Use paid advertising channels, such as social media ads or Google AdWords, to reach targeted audiences and drive traffic to the platform.

  • Run promotional campaigns: Run promotional campaigns, such as referral programs or limited-time discounts, to encourage adoption of the platform.

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