📊AI SE-Analytic

Jarvis is an AI bot developed by Olyx, a crowdfunding platform that connects investors with cryptocurrency trading vaults managed by individual traders. Jarvis is designed to help traders make informed investment decisions by analyzing various factors related to the selected cryptocurrency.

To determine whether a particular cryptocurrency is a safe investment, Jarvis performs a thorough analysis of its chart, audit, analytics, social media presence, and other key indicators. Jarvis looks for signs that the project is relatively decentralized, has a large market capitalization (in the top 25%), has a long track record, and offers bug bounties to incentivize security researchers to find and report vulnerabilities. Jarvis also checks the trust score of the project and compares it to the trust scores of other projects in order to gauge its overall reliability.

By using Jarvis, traders on Olyx can make more informed and confident decisions about which cryptocurrencies to invest in. This helps to mitigate the risks of investing in the volatile and fast-moving world of cryptocurrency, and it allows investors to potentially earn higher returns on their investments.

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