On Olyx, users can propose and vote on changes to the platform through a decentralized governance system built on smart contracts. To propose a change, a user must first create a governance proposal outlining the proposed change and the reasoning behind it. This proposal is then submitted to the governance system, where it is reviewed by the community and put to a vote.

Users can cast their votes using their staked Jarvis NFTs, with the number of NFTs staked serving as a measure of the user's influence in the governance process. Users who have more NFTs staked will have more influence over the outcome of the vote.

Once a proposal has received a sufficient number of votes, it will be implemented or rejected based on the results of the vote. If the proposal is accepted, it will be integrated into the platform and become effective immediately. If it is rejected, it will be discarded and the platform will continue to operate as it did before the proposal was made.

Users who participate in the governance process and have their votes included in the final decision will be eligible to earn governance rewards in the form of Jarvis NFTs or other tokens. These rewards are intended to incentivize participation in governance and ensure that the community is actively involved in shaping the direction and operation of the platform.

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