🔑Fixed Staking

What is it all about?

Fixed Staking presents users with prominent advantages:

  • Fixed APR

  • Stake & Earn OLYX and other tokens ( to be add )

  • A unique feature for OLYX users

  • No impermanent loss

  • Lucrative rewards daily

Commission Fee for an Early Withdrawal

Please remember that after you have staked with Fixed Staking on OLYX, you can withdraw your tokens without a fee after a specific deadline. So if users start before 30, 60 or 90 days run out, they need to pay a commission of 1.99% from the deposit amount + the acquired rewards. Users can unstake without fee after the lock term has passed.

The commission is charged when users withdraw before the lock term runs out.

Harvest & Unstake of the Rewards

Tokens can be harvested/unstaked after 30/60/90 days following staking. The user will have to unstake the total number staked to harvest tokens. The total staking amount and accrued rewards are granted to the user after unstaking.

The lock term period restarts after each additional stake.

Accrual of Rewards

The staking interest is distributed daily from 12:00 PM (UTC) on the day after the funds are deposited to the contract to the end of the corresponding product period (given that the funds are deposited before 12:00 PM (UTC). The first payout is tied to each stake separately.

For Instance: The user has staked 100 OLYX in the 90 days pool at 11:30 AM UTC today; the first reward will be acquired at 12:00 PM UTC tomorrow. If the user staked at 12:00 PM UTC today, the first reward will be acquired at 12:00 PM UTC the day after tomorrow.

Stake & Earn with Fixed Staking on OLYX! More profitable opportunities are on the way!

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