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The goal of decentralized asset management has been a focus of the cryptocurrency industry since 2014, long before the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). However, despite numerous attempts, it has not yet gained widespread adoption.

There are several reasons why we believe this is the case:

Cryptocurrency natives are not interested in traditional financial (TradFi) vehicles on the blockchain. They tend to have a lack of patience and focus, and do not want to wait more than a year to determine if their money is being managed properly. Long-term portfolio management is demanding, stressful, and carries a high level of responsibility. Existing solutions have primarily focused on 1x indices and spot portfolios, which does not excite users as much as other aspects of cryptocurrency. With these challenges in mind, the team at Olyx set out to create something on the blockchain with a quicker turnover and shorter length than long-term portfolios. We developed the concept of Crowdfunding Trade, which is solely dedicated to carrying out a single trade. This is similar to short-term asset management.

Our goal is to make Olyx the first SocialFi protocol to achieve significant success.

The idea is simple: A trading vault can be created without a password and is managed at the manager's discretion. This enables the manager to quickly track records and get up and running. The time between investment and result is much shorter, and perhaps most significantly, managers are not required to take any action "between" trading opportunities. Investors can make investments in vaults that correspond to their own expectations about the market and selected time frames.

Currently, DeFi is going through a "vaultification-of-everything" phase, but most vaults offer low risk and low reward. Our aim is to build high-risk, high-reward vaults that are geared toward the execution of independent single trades.

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